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Carpet Cleaning Cirencester

Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned in Cirencester?

Whether you have carpets throughout your home or just in the bedrooms, they can be a costly investment. This is why we at Prestige Cleaning services, advise you to have your carpets cleaned in your Cirencester home.

We are based in Cirencester and provide our carpet cleaning services in and all around the Cirencester and the Cotswolds.

CLEAN your carpets….Don’t Replace them.

As a result of today’s climate, cutting back on all types of waste has become even more important. People often mistakenly think dull and dirty carpets need replacing. Our carpet cleaning technicians in Cirencester will professional clean and restore your carpets so you can save hundreds of pounds compared to replacing them. 

Carpets can become soiled, duller in colour and sometimes have a musty odour. To extract dirt, freshen and remove any odours, our carpet cleaning technicians in Cirencester will clean your carpets which will leave them as good as new.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Prestige Cleaning Services have been involved in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for over 25 years. Prestige are also members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). The NCCA are an independent association for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Our Cirencester Carpet cleaning technicians are professionally trained and above all qualified in carpet assessment and carpet cleaning. We use leading edge carpet cleaning equipment and high quality carpet cleaning solutions to make sure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. 

We use the Texatherm carpet cleaning system which gives the following benefits:

  • Cleans and disinfects the carpets
  • Outstanding results
  • Dry carpets in 30 – 60 minutes
  • Non-toxic and friendly products
  • Woolsafe
  • Low levels of moisture
  • Carpets are left with no sticky residues
  • Up to 60% reduction time in the cleaning process compared to standard wet cleaning
  • There is no risk of shrinkage
  • Low noise levels during the carpet cleaning process

The Texatherm Carpet Cleaning System our Cirencester technicians use:

Advanced Cleaner which works through carpet fibres.

Exothermic Reaction – Soiling goes to the top of the carpet fibres.

How the Carpet Cleaning system we use works:

  • Thoroughly vacuumed carpets
  • The Texatherm Advanced cleaner applies to the carpets
  • The Advanced cleaner starts to break down the oil firm and dirt which sticks to the carpet fibres. 
  • The thermal pads are heated in the carpet cleaning machine
  • Finally the Texatherm Reactive Neutraliser applied to the pre-sprayed carpet area. This creates an ‘Exothermic reaction’ as shown above, which brings the soil to the surface of the carpet, then the heated thermal pad will absorb

Why Do Carpets Get Dirty?

Oils and Grease

Oil and grease can be a common problem. They can often be taken into your house on outdoor shoes. Your pets also release oils from their coats onto your carpets. Subsequently,this can result in dust and dirt sticking to the fibres of your carpets.

Common & Atmospheric Dirt

We bring dirt, sand and plant fibres from the outside which is unavoidable. Our houses create dust which is also deposited on to your carpets. This results in a build-up of dirt and dust which will eventually effect the carpets making them dirty and dull.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

You should have your carpets cleaned yearly to ensure that your carpets stay in good condition and last longer. An annual professional carpet cleaning schedule will without doubt keep your carpets cleaner and fresher in your Cirencester home. 

Listed below are carpet cleaning services we also provide:

1)      Sanitisation – An Antimicrobial Solution applied to the carpets and kills any microorganisms.

2)      Deodorisation – A deodoriser added when carrying out the carpet cleaning which ensures the carpet is left both clean and fresh smelling.

3)      Protection – A protectant applied after the carpet cleaning. This helps guard against future spills and stains.

We also deliver commercial carpet cleaning services to many commercial clients, such as schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels, letting agents and offices. 

If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning in Cirencester or would like to obtain a quote please either:

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