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Mothering Sunday – Sunday 30th March 2014

!Mothering Sunday originates from the 16th Century.   It associated with the tradition of going to the “Mother Church” on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is why the dates change each year as Mothering Sunday falls three weeks before Easter Sunday so is in March or the beginning of April.

Mothering Sunday became a very rare day when domestic servants were given a special day off by their households to spend time with their own mothers and families to be able to visit their ‘mother’ church.

It has now become a more commercialised day but fundamentally remains a day when families come together to spend time with their mums and celebrate motherhood. This is done by giving gifts or giving the mum of the family a day of being spoilt whether it be a cup of tea in bed on the Sunday morning or a full day of being looked after with a meal being cooked for them or a day out.

The best part of Mothering Sunday for me when my 3 children were a lot younger was them cooking me a meal. This was so special for me, to see the lengths they went and the joy of seeing them putting so much effort in was enough to more than make up for the absolute chaos and devastation of my kitchen and oven.

This is what gave us the idea of offering “Mothers Day” oven cleaning vouchers as the perfect gift to use at anytime after Mothers Day. So not only could the Mum of the family get a wonderful meal cooked by her children but she would not have to worry at all about any mess made in the oven because we are professional Oven cleaners and would come in and make sure your oven is clean and sparkling only using 100% biodegradable solutions.

Whatever your children do for you this Mothering Sunday it doesn’t matter whether it’s the biggest or smallest gift or largest or tiniest gesture as long it is given with love you will be delighted I am sure.

I hope everyone has a lovely and restful Mothering Sunday.

If you are interested in finding out more about our oven cleaning services or you would like a quote then please do call me on 0800 228 9574 or email me and I will be more than happy to help.

mothers day

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Why are Client Reviews so important?

With the internet now being the main way we find out about information and choose services on everything from holidays, items to purchase and local service companies, it is becoming increasingly important that we are able to read reviews / testimonials from the people who have used the services of those companies and what they thought.

I have to say I am now one of those people that will read reviews whether it be for a hotel, a restaurant, items of clothing, any other shopping item or a local company that I may need to carry out repairs or services in my own home.

That is why we made the decision to create a page on our own website to start sharing all the reviews/testimonials that our own clients have been willing for us to share. This enables any new or prospective clients to read them and see the level of service they can expect from us. We ask each client that we work with to complete a questionnaire on the every aspect of the service we have provided. This gives us essential feedback to ensure that we continue to offer only the highest levels of service. We only ever put on our website the testimonials that our clients have specifically signed to agree to being used. As with all personal information being shown there are specific Data Protection rules that must be adhered too.

Well I am delighted to say we have now put on our website client review / service rating number 600 of which I am extremely proud of.

We have testimonials from both our commercial and domestic customers examples of both are below:

Holly Western, Property Manager – Lesters Property Management.
“We have been using Prestige Cleaning Services for a few years now. I’ve always found Leisa and her team, professional, friendly and ready to help, even with very short notice! I would highly recommend Prestige Cleaning Services for oven and carpet cleaning.”

Mr Quigley – British Bakels Ltd
“Many thanks for another first class job”

Mrs K Gillies
“Excellent service. Excellent technician. Carpet much cleaner than we ever expected. Oven left gleaming after an excellent clean.”

Ms Peer
“Just perfectly prestigiously cleaned!”

It is very important to us as a family run, independent business that we offer a high level of service so that our clients want to recommend our services to family and friends or come back to us to have further work carried out. The most important form of marketing to us are the recommendations from our clients.

If you have any questions or you would like have a quotation or would like to book an appointment then please do call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or email

I look forward to hearing from you.

Click to review other Full Client Reviews

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Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – 4th March 2014

What is Pancake Day?

The traditional name for Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday and it is the last day before the Christian festival of Lent. Lent is the festival leading up to Easter Sunday. In previous times Shrove comes from the word “Shrive” which means to confess sot Shrove Tuesday was traditionally the day to confess your sins and receive absolution before Lent began.

Lent is the period of time to give things up “I am giving it up for Lent is the common phrase still heard”. Traditionally fats, eggs and milky foods were forbidden during Lent which is why on Shrove Tuesday pancakes were made and eaten as it was a way of using up those specific ingredients and the last day to indulge, which is where the name Pancake Day came from.

When is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday and is the final day before the start of Lent. Pancake Day always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday so the date changes each year. Pancake Day falls between the 3rd February and the 9th March.

What is a pancake?

A pancake is a thin flat cake of batter which is fried on both sides in a frying pan. It can be served with sweet or savoury fillings.

Pancake Races

Still in some parts of the UK the festive tradition is the Pancake Race which is where people with frying pans run through the streets in a race tossing pancakes into the air and catching them again in the frying pan.

Other countries names for Pancake Day

In Spain Pancake Day is “martes de carnival”

In France Pancake Day is “jour de crepes”

In Italy Pancake Day is “giorno pancake”

In Sweden Pancake Day is “pannkaka dag”

Pancake recipe

A pancake recipe I always use with excellent results is a Delia Smith recipe a link for this is below


I hope you all enjoy your Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday and have lots of fun making them.

If you find there is lots of mess on your hob after cooking all those pancakes don’t forget that we clean all types of hobs whether it be ceramic, electric or gas and we also offer a complete oven cleaning service. If you would like to arrange to have your oven or hob cleaned or would like a quote then please do call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or email

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Why regularly Vacuum your carpets and how often?

We are often asked by our clients how often they should vacuum their carpets.

Your carpets do need regular maintenance to keep them healthier and looking better.  The easiest thing you can do in between professional carpet cleaning is to vacuum your carpets regularly, preferably every day. This may sound an obvious statement but it really is an important step to maintaining the condition and increasing the duration of the life of your carpets.

Loose soiling i.e. dust and dirt brought in from the outside environment and from within our homes builds up within the carpet fibres. According to the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) “the visible dirt and grime that we notice is, in fact only the tip of the iceberg, something like 85% of the dirt a carpet holds is buried deep within the pile. A carpet can eventually trap its own weight or more in soil – as much as 150 lbs. for an average-sized living room”

Germs travel around on the dust particles that are then drawn into the carpet fibres, these germs then settle within the carpet fibres which in turn can cause problems to the health of your family members if just left to build up.  The gritty soiling that also accumulates within your carpets can gradually wear down the fibres and therefore reduce the lifespan of the carpets causing the only option.

Regular vacuuming even with an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner will not remove all of the soiling within your carpets like a professional carpet clean would but it will remove some of the soiling and help slow down the gradual build up.

Another positive benefit of Vacuuming daily is that it will also help to reduce the potential risk for allergy sufferers such as asthma and hay fever.

To achieve the most effective vacuum clean is to move the vacuum slowly back and forth over the carpet, overlapping the strokes and also in different directions to make sure the pile is opened to remove as much of the loose soiling as possible. A quick run over the carpet doesn’t really achieve the best results, however do make sure you don’t continually go over the same area as this may damage the carpet if repeated over time. Areas where dust builds up such as behind the television and sofas also need to be remembered to be regularly vacuumed.

To ensure your vacuum cleaner continues to perform effectively it is important to maintain it and keep it in good working order you can do this by ensuring that the brushes are kept clean and free of hair and any other fibres that tangle themselves around the brushes. Replace the brushes when they are worn.  Ensure the hose does not get twisted too much so it does not develop holes or tears as this will cause a lost in suction power. Change the bags regularly or if you have a bag less vacuum cleaner empty the container before either becomes completely full as this can also effect the performance of the vacuum.  Another way to maintain your vacuum cleaners effectiveness is to ensure the filters are washed or replaced regularly depending on what type of vacuum cleaner you have, this is important if you have allergy sufferers in your family.

Prestige Cleaning Services do recommend that all your carpets are vacuumed regularly. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your carpet cleaning requirements please do call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or email

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After the flooding can your rug be saved & restored?

We have received a lots of phones calls over the last couple of weeks from clients who have been part of the dreadful situation with regards to the recent flooding.  Unless it has happened to you it is very hard to fully understand the devastation that flooding can cause to people’s homes.  The damage affects everything from the building to the contents and all the belongings that people work so hard to make a house into their home.

Having been involved in the restoration industry for over 20 years and having been heavily involved in the floods of 2007 our experience is such that we know and appreciate exactly what all the people currently affected by these floods are going through. Most people won’t know the extent of the damage caused until the water completely recedes only then will it become completely apparent.

We are currently dealing with many flood damaged Persian rugs and oriental rugs that our clients have been desperate for us to try and save and restore.  You may ask yourself why are people worried about a rug? A rug is not like a carpet or piece of upholstery, rugs generally have a meaning, i.e. they may have been passed down through the family or they represent a special time or place visited in someone’s life, they generally have an emotional attachment.

If you have found yourself in this situation and have been affected by flood damage we can attempt to restore your rugs. We will arrange to collect the rug, bring the rug to our rug spa and carry out a full inspection, assessing the flood damage, sanitise the rug with an Anti-microbial treatment (flood water is classed as “black water” which means that it is from an external source and would be contaminated water) we would then clean the rug, several times if required to try and save and restore your rug for you. We can liaise with your Loss adjustor and Insurance Company if required and provide a copy of our pre-inspection report and a further report on the restoration and whether we have been able to return the rug to pre-incident condition.

Please take the time to have a read and  look at our detailed cleaning processes or our video links where you can see step by step video clips of each process so you can see exactly how we would try to restore your rug.

We hope that everyone affected by these recent floods will soon be able to start the restoration process and hopefully be able to return their homes in the shortest possible time.

If you would like any advice or if you feel we can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact me. You can call me on 0800 228 9574 or you can email me,

Examples of water damaged rugs;

Rug before cleaning
Rug before cleaning
Rug After Cleaning
Rug After Cleaning
Rug Before Cleaning
Rug Before Cleaning
Rug After Cleaning
Rug After Cleaning
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Leather Cleaning

Prestige Cleaning Services offer our customers living in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire our Leather cleaning services carried out specifically by our professionally trained and experienced Leather cleaning technicians.

We are here to offer professional help and advice on any of the leather cleaning that we offer. If you have any questions or would like to email through photos of any leather cleaning that you wish to carry out then please do email  or call on 0800 228 9574 and we will be more than happy to offer professional advice.

We accept payments by either debit card, credit card.


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Valentine’s Dinner – Friday 14th February

With only a few days to go until Valentine’s Day, it is not too late to plan something extra special for the loved one in your life.

The simplest option would be to book a table at a local restaurant or pub, but why not make that extra special effort this year and surprise her by cooking her a Valentine’s meal for just the two of you and enjoy having a lovely romantic evening in the comfort of your own home.

The meal does not have to be complicated and does not even need to be a full three course menu a simple main course prepared and oven cooked by you will show her just how much you care.

Start by sending her an invitation a couple of days before to surprise her and start the build up for a special romantic evening.

Laying a romantic table arrangement is an important part of setting the scene for a romantic meal.

Below are a few of our ideas on laying a romantic table arrangement:

  • Use a table cloth as this always dresses up a dining table beautifully
  • Use napkins,  if they match the table cloth great, but if not how about using red paper or cotton napkins to continue with the romantic theme
  • Candles or tea lights on the table always give a romantic feel, however it is important to remember to never leave burning candles unattended
  • A single red rose in a vase or if you are feeling extravagant a bunch of red roses as a centre piece in the middle on the table
  • Table confetti always looks really effective and comes in all sorts of shapes and designs or if you are feeling particularly extravagant you could always use red rose petals
  • A couple of delicious handmade chocolates placed on her table setting
  • Chilled Champagne or Prosecco is always a nice way to celebrate a wonderful evening

When you have spent the time and effort on cooking that romantic meal for your loved one the last thing you want the next day is for either of you to have to clean the oven, grill or hob after your culinary expertise has been at work. So to finish off the valentine’s weekend tell her you will arrange for the oven, grill and hob to be cleaned so she doesn’t have too.

Call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or email who will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation or book an oven cleaning appointment for you.