Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Prestige Cleaning Services are professionally and expertly trained in the assessment and cleaning all types of rugs, we have over 20 years of industry experience and are members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) and TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association).

With hard flooring being very popular especially on the ground floors of people’s homes, rugs are becoming extremely popular for both warmth and aesthetic purposes. Rugs can range from a standard wool rug to a hand dyed, hand knotted rug worth thousands of pounds.

Rugs come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials the most well-known are:

Types of Rug

Specialist Rugs

Rugs falling within the speciality rug category are generally handmade, whether that be hand knotted or flat woven

Oriental rugs

The industrial revolution in the 19th century allowed the surge in demand for luxury goods fuelling the growth of the Oriental rug market

Persian rugs

Persian rugs are generally from the present day country of Iran, and can be subdivided into two main types of design. The curvilinear designs are usually made in the Persian cities whilst the more rectangular designs were made in the outlying villages.

Silk rugs

Silk comes from the cocoon of the silk worm and is now widely commercially cultivated. The silk cocoon is soaked in water to soften the gum which it is held together with and then the ends fed into reeling machines allowing the silk to be collected on the reel ready for spinning. The silk thread is so fine that it allows for a knot count of up to 1,000 knots per square inch.

Wool rugs

The quality of the wool selected to make the rug has a direct relationship to the rug’s final appearance and as such the type of wool which is selected is critical to the final rug. Years of careful selection and breading of sheep has created today’s wool fibre which is far more consistent and easier to process than previous wools.

Machine Made Rugs

As the name suggests machine made rugs are produced commercially by mechanical means allowing for high volume but very consistent production.

The rug can become one of the focal points of a room so it is important to look after the rug keeping it clean and free from dirt, sand and the pollutants we bring in from the outside environment. These factors can dull the colours of the rug and make the rug look tired, worn and old.

We offer a different service with regards to rug cleaning. What we offer is a truly professional rug cleaning service. We do not clean your rug on site, we collect the rug from you by courier and bring it our rug spa unit to clean the rug in a specialist way and then return your rug to you, clean, dressed and groomed.

We can also provide the following specialist rug cleaning treatments:

  • Urine Treatment
  • Moth Treatment
  • Mould Treatment
  • Colour Block Treatment
  • Sanitisation Treatment
  • Deodorisation Treatment
  • Rug Protection

To show you how we clean all rugs please do click on Prestige Rug Cleaning to read our about our full process and take a look at our step by step guide where we have recorded short video clips of each stage to be able to show you in detail just how your rug would be professionally cleaned and restored.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our rug cleaning and restoration services please do call Leisa who will be more than happy to help you. Call Leisa on 0800 228 9574 or email